Enough is Enough: Deal or No Deal?

Word has it that a deal is pending on the over battled budget.

I certainly hope so because at this point I think the American people have had more than enough of this fight in Congress:

Democrats have expressed their dismay over and over again at the unwillingness of the GOP to budge. And, it’s been clearly pointed out that the Democrats have met the Republicans more than halfway on the budget cuts.

And now, some conservatives and tea party members are saying it’s time to move on. The Caucus reports:

Are Republicans ready to declare victory in the shutdown showdown and move on?

For days, the assumption has been that Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio was dug into his hardened position on behalf of the conservatives in his House caucus and from socially conservative voices in the Republican Party.

But now — just hours before the first government shutdown in 15 years –some of the most vocal conservatives are urging Republicans to reach a deal before a shutdown occurs. That could give Mr. Boehner the political cover he needs to cut a deal with President Obama and the Democrats.

Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, the founder of the Tea Party caucus in the House and a likely 2012 presidential candidate, wrote on Friday afternoon in a Twitter message: “I am ready for a big fight that will change the arc of history. The current fight in Washington is not that fight.”

It does look like we’re getting traction on the stalemate. Politico reports that the “Republican riders to block EPA rules on climate change and mountaintop mining” may be gettng the ax. And three anti-abortion Republicans have urged the House GOP to drop the Planned Parenthood rider, too.

What’s it gonna be Congress… Whatcha gonna do John Boehner? Deal or no deal?

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