Japan Raises Nuclear Crisis to Highest Level

The level of severity of the nuclear crisis in Japan has now reached the highest level putting the disaster on par with Chernobyl:

Officials from Japan’s nuclear agency reclassified the ongoing emergency from Level 5, an “accident with off-site risk,” to Level 7, a “major accident.”

[…] The stark assessment reinforced the sense that this nuclear emergency ultimately will cause problems that exceed those first predicted by the government, which has downplayed long-term safety concerns and only Monday expanded its mandated 12-mile radius evacuation zone.

How many global nuclear power disasters does it take for America and the rest of the world to ban nuclear power?

How many unihabitable places must be created by these disasters before we stop using nuclear power?

It simply astounds me that we keep continuing to brutalize our planet with ecological and environmental disasters that will forever alter the face of the Earth.

 Nuclear power can no longer be an option in America and President Obama must concede to that and work with Congress to find and fund alternative energies that are safe and effective.

In related news, Senator John Kerry is scheduled to give a speech on Energy Independence this morning at 10 am at the National Press Club.

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