Take Off the Blinders

I’ve been watching the media and right wingers continue their little love dance with “The Donald” and it simply bogles the mind. There is nothing about Donald Trump that even remotely resembles what it takes to be president. Yet, people are diving in apparently to give his possible candidacy a look. Take off the blinders folks, the 2012 election should not be an episode of Celebrity President.

That said, Charles Blow speaks for me…

Let me be clear: Trump’s little game doesn’t reflect American ideology as much as it exposes the flaws within it.

It further exacerbates a corrosive culture on the right that now celebrates the Cult of Idiocy — from Glenn Beck to Michele Bachmann — where riling liberals is more valuable than reason and logic, and where intellectualism and even basic learnedness are viewed with suspicion and contempt.

It further advances the campaign of the rich and powerful in America to exploit the fears of those who feel most fragile in an effort to increase or insulate their fortunes.

It further enshrines the destructive pop culture dogma that fame and fortune grant moral wiggle room to flout the rules and obscure the truth.

And, yes, it further plays to the heavy racial undertones that have marked this presidency.

Trump is an utter fool who doesn’t give a rat’s you know what about the little people. That’s the truth. Don’t be blinded by the glitter of his trumped up celebrity status.

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