MA Sen 2012: Is Setti Warren Jumping In?

Is Newton, Massachusetts Mayor Setti Warren ready to jump in to the MA Sen 2012 race for the Democratic nomination against MA Senator Scott Brown, who pulled a fast one on Dems in the quickie run-off election for Ted Kennedy’s seat a year and a half ago?

Word has it, that Warren has “booked the same American Legion Post where he announced his mayoral run for an unspecified event” this Tuesday.

And… Word has it that the MA GOP is already “revving up the anti-Warren spin machine,” in anticipation of his announcement.

Warren could look like a threat to the MA GOP because of his ties to MA’s senior Senator John Kerry, who is Warren’s former boss. In my opinion the Kerry connection will play well for Warren if indeed he does jump in. My guess is Kerry himself will hold back on support for a while, but Warren’s former co-workers will no doubt appear in Warren’s staff as the primary heats up.

Scott Brown’s people may think he has a firm hold on his Senate seat, but I think MA Dems will rally hard to take back Ted Kennedy’s seat for the party and I’ve got a good feeling about Setti Warren for Senate.

One final tidbit on Warren’s possible run… is currently “down for maintenance,” but this is from his bio:

As Special Assistant in the White House Office of Cabinet Affairs for President Clinton, Setti worked with the offices of the Attorney General, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the Small Business Administration.

As New England Director of FEMA, Setti managed a staff and a significant budget. In this capacity he worked closely with local mayors, members of Congress and governors to administer vital and effective FEMA programs and deliver resources to cities and towns throughout New England.

As Deputy State Director for Senator Kerry, Setti was his point person on small business and economic development, bringing federal assistance to cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

Prior to running for Mayor, Setti completed a year-long tour of duty in Iraq as a Naval Intelligence Specialist.

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