Arnold’s Love Child

So… Arnold has a love child… Now we know those rumors about Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was running for Governor in California in the 2003 recall election all had to be true.

I’m not surprised, I’m not shocked. I saw it coming and I felt in 2003 that Maria Shriver knew full well who her husband was, but she was going to stand by him regardless. It’s sad what women do for men. Bright, smart, intelligent, beautiful women stand by the worst examples of men… It’s just sad.

And it’s also sad that some men, particularly men with money and power, think nothing of taking what they want when they want it. Hollywood knew who Schwarzenegger was. California elected him on the “star power” ballot. Thank goodness he’s out of office now and hopefully out of politics for good.

I really do feel sorry for Maria Shriver and her children.

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