Democrats Seek Federal Probe Into Restrictive State Voter ID Laws

Led by Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), a number of Senate Democrats are seeking a federal Justice Department investigation into new voter identification requirements that are under consideration or recently signed into law in several states that the lawmakers and others say could potentially disenfranchise thousands of eligible voters. These voter ID laws, in Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas and elsewhere, have come under increasing scrutiny. Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne recently alleged that these laws are being engineered by Republicans in the states to to prevent key parts of President Obama’s political coalition — including African-Americans, Latinos and young people — from being able to vote next year. In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Bennet—along with Majority Leader Harry Reid … Continue reading

Republican Leaders Clueless On The Consequences Of Default

Two top Republicans are proclaiming that there is no way to know the consequences of a failure to raise the federal debt limit. While they may be at a loss to explain the consequences of a failure to raise the debt limit to avoid a potential U.S. default, many business leaders and fellow Republicans know the dire consequences of a failure to raise the debt limit. Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, a candidate for the 2012 GOP nomination for president; and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus each made similar comments about the debt ceiling debate Tuesday while appearing on Joe Scarborough’s MSNBC morning news program: President Obama and senior members of his administration have been conducting high-stakes negotiations for … Continue reading

The Undie Feted

Given the lingerie, boxer shorts, pantyhose, brassieres, et al that were included, and presumably sent to the RNC to be “donated to charity”* there is very little doubt that Ms. Palin and her family were, in fact, feted with undies by the RNC, the McCain campaign, et al. Continue reading

Armed With Good Poll Numbers, Senate Dems Say They Can Compete Broadly

Although Democrats face a daunting task to hold the Senate next year, they’ve sketched out a plan to compete in more than two dozen states in the 2012. Further, Senate Democrats on Tuesday released polls in several states, including Utah, which show them to be competitive heading into next year’s elections. Senate Democrats next year must defend 23 seats year, more than twice as many as Republicans. A net loss of just four seats would hand control back to the GOP. Despite what appears to be an uphill climb, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) included polling results from four states in a fundraising email. The DSCC is the group tasked with electing Democrats to the Senate. Those polls show … Continue reading

Capitol Idea: Three Cheers for the New York State Senate

New York is set to become the seventh state to allow same-sex marriage. Because the Empire State is so populous, the new law will roughly double the number of Americans who have access to gay marriage. But, as momentous a victory as this represents for marriage equality, the vote late Friday night by the New York state senate reverberates far beyond the single issue of gay marriage. Because its state senate is controlled by Republicans, New York is the first state to allow gay marriage where the legislature is not dominated by Democrats. At a time of deep partisan division and gridlock nationally, this news out of New York represents a welcome breath of bipartisan cooperation. And federal politicians in … Continue reading

In The News

There’s a lot of stories in the news today that I wish I had more time to write about… but I don’t… So here’s my reccommended reads for the day: Hillary Clinton backs New York gay marriage law: Right wing billionaires want to hold on to their tax cuts: Billionaires give big to new ‘super PACS’ Guilty! Jury Finds Blagojevich Guilty of Corruption… Bachman jumps in… She won’t forgive and forget and She picks the wrong John Wayne to tout in her speech. Whitey Bulger visited Boston while on the lam and was  “armed to the teeth.” White House: ‘Significant’ deal on debt possible. SHAMEFUL: TSA stands by officers after pat-down of elderly woman in Florida. We’re losing the war … Continue reading

Senate’s No. 2 Democrat Wants U.S. To Invest In Drawdown Dividend

When it comes to saving money from the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the second-highest ranking Senate Democrat apparently wants to bridge presidential rhetoric with reality. When he announced his decision to pull some 10,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, President Obama remarked, “America, it is time to focus on nation building here at home.” In addition to the troops he intends to bring home this year, Obama promised to have withdrawn a total of 33,000 by next summer. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), a longtime Obama ally, seems to want to take the president at his word. Durbin, assistant majority leader in the Senate, released a message Friday via the Twitter service which read, … Continue reading

The Month of the Hacker

Major cyber-attacks have been leveled at the Pentagon, CIA, Sony, PBS, CitiGroup, etcetera (hard to keep up, frankly) and, on Thursday, a major leak of sensitive Arizona p0lice information exposed undercover agents, informants, ongoing investigations, etc. to extreme jeopardy. Last night … Continue reading