He’s Back…

Just when you thought the GOP race for the presidential nomination couldn’t get any wackier… The Donald flip flops and declares some intent to keep his foot in the door as an independent. I’m still having nightmares of a Trump – Palin ticket… Perhaps they hatched a plan when they met … Continue reading

Send Palin Back to School

Sarah Palin may have dreams of becoming president, but what she really needs to do is head back to school and brush up on American History 101: I’m trying not to pay attention to Palin’s magical mystery tour which ran through Seabrook, NH today (2 towns north of me), but … Continue reading

Dean Group Targets Vulnerable N.H. Republican On Medicare

A prominent progressive group associated with Howard Dean has created a TV ad that slams a potentially vulnerable House Republican for his vote for a conservative plan to privatize Medicare. Democrats and their allies increasingly see political potential in the public backlash against Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) Medicare plan. Opposition … Continue reading