Weinergate has proved to be quite the distraction from the issues in recent days. Now sadly it seems there’s something to the whole mess, as Weiner admits to his “sexting” and refuses to step down from his seat in Congress.

I have made terrible mistakes that have hurt the people I care about the most and I’m deeply sorry,” Mr. Weiner said. “I have not been honest with myself, my family, my constituents, my friends and supporters and the media.”

He said he had no intention of resigning, that he had broken no laws and that while his wife “made it clear that she thought that what I did was very dumb,” his marriage was not ending. He said he never met any of the women.

Nancy Pelosi has called for a House ethics inquiry. I’m not sure about violated laws or ethics but Weiner has certainly violated the trust of those who put him in office with his utterly stupid behavior. When you expose yourself on the internet, risk exposing yourself to the world. That a grown man elected to Congress was that stupid, truly boggles my mind.

Weiner handed this one to the GOP and Andrew Breitbart who has been pushing it hard and heavy since it broke. I have no pity for Weiner nor… he should have kept it in his pants and off the internet.

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