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The debate is still going round and round on Sarah Palin’s account of Paul Revere’s midnight ride… The expert consensus, regardless of how hard Palin-ite’s try to push otherwise, is that Palin was wrong, Paul Revere was not warning the British.

Via the NY Times… Top Obama Economic Player to Return to University Post:

Austan Goolsbee, a longtime adviser to President Obama and the only economist left on his core economic team, plans to leave as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers by September, after a year in the job, to return to the University of Chicago.

The hope is we get someone to replace him that will actually know how to fix this economic mess we are in!

Finally… sadly this morning it’s more WeinerWeinerWeiner.

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  1. Something that should have been in the news today:

    PROTECT IP Act, or PIPA, threatens all of our first amendment rights. It would enable the government to block access to sites, ending the Internet as we know it. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon cautions, “The collateral damage of this approach is speech, innovation and the very integrity of the Internet.” We need to fight together against this travesty: send our letter to Congress here!

    Even the experts say PROTECT IP is not the way to protect intellectual property rights; a study composed by internet experts including Paul Vixie of Internet Consortium and Danny McPherson of Verisign states, “[PIPA’s DNS targeting strategy] would likely prove ineffective at reducing online infringement.” Why risk our own internet freedom for a bill that will prove “ineffective” at achieving its aims?

    The Motion Picture Association of America claims that the 24,000 who have already sent our letter to Congress are false identities used by Demand Progress to bolster our numbers.

    Prove the MPAA wrong and stand up for your rights by sending out this letter: