Hillary Clinton Is Not Angling For World Bank Job

Reuters broke an exclusive story earlier today that Hillary Clinton “has been in discussions with the White House about leaving her job next year to become head of the World Bank.”

If indeed Clinton has been angling for the job, damage control stepped in shortly after the story broke to deny any talks or interest in the position:

Clinton, who was visiting the United Arab Emirates today to talk about the 3-month-old Libyan war that was supposed to last days not weeks, sent word through her spokesman, Phillippe Reines,

It’s completely untrue and Reuters was told that.Then, in case you weren’t listening, he added:

Secretary Clinton has not had any conversations with the president, the White House or anyone about moving to the World Bank.

Then, in case you might have missed his drift, Reines added:

She has expressed absolutely no interest in the job…[and] would not take it if offered.Then, in case you weren’t listening to Phillippe, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney took a moment off from warning Middle Eastern regimes to add:

The story is incorrect, wrong, untrue.

Reuters also intimated in their “exclusive” story that were Clinton to leave State, “John Kerry, a close Obama ally who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is among those who could be considered as a possible replacement for her.”

Kerry of course would make a phenomenal Secretary of State, but his staff has always squelched those rumors as well.

There has never been a woman in charge of the World Bank. Maybe it’s time and who better than Hillary Clinton. Of course, it’s a story that wasn’t, so the speculation is just that. Speculation.

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