Capitol Idea: Mr. President, Focus On Jobs If You Want To Keep Yours

Have we gotten your attention, yet, Mr. President? Just days after the Labor Department delivered a dismal employment report for May, you are now seeing new signs that your own job could be in real jeopardy. A new Washington Post poll indicates that you’ve has lost the bounce you saw … Continue reading

Kerry Says Federal Disaster Funding Expected for Springfield

On a visit to a shelter in downtown Springfield, MA on Thursday, Senator John Kerry “told reporters he is confident the greater Springfield area will qualify for a federal disaster declaration.” A federal disaster designation “would allow businesses to get low-cost loans from the government and the uninsured to cover … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

“Peace is not just the mere absence of violence or disturbance. It’s when there is a possibility of conflict, but you deliberately avoid violence and adopt methods to solve the problem through peaceful means. That is real peace.” ~~ The Dalai Lama

New Hampshire or Bus: Sarah’s No-Campaign Campaign Tour

Speeding along city streets, going from somewhere to somewhere else, was the Sarah Palin “One Nation I’m Not Running for Anything But Follow Me Anyhow” bus chase. Following her were about two dozen reporters and photographers from the national news media, and now and then some local news teams, many … Continue reading