Kerry Says Federal Disaster Funding Expected for Springfield

On a visit to a shelter in downtown Springfield, MA on Thursday, Senator John Kerry “told reporters he is confident the greater Springfield area will qualify for a federal disaster declaration.”

A federal disaster designation “would allow businesses to get low-cost loans from the government and the uninsured to cover most, if not all of their losses.” Kerry said he was “not sure what will happen in other areas” affected by the tornadoes that hit Massachusetts on June 1.

In some of the outer areas,” says Kerry, “perhaps in Worcester County and some of that area, it’s a little tougher because there are some levels of monetary damage required as a threshold, and I don’t know yet what the answer will be.”

Kerry suggested the federal government may be able to approve disaster relief soon since damage assessments were close to being submitted to the government.

“I would hope that could happen within the next 24 to 48 hours,” Kerry said, and hopefully very quick turn-around out of Washington and then we really begin to get moving in terms of the federal aid.”

Watch the video here:

Two days ago Kerry made “made a personal fundraising appeal to help residents in his home state who are struggling in the aftermath of the tornadoes.”

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