Democratic Strategist Touts Bipartisan Agreement That Rep. Weiner Isn’t Real Issue

A longtime Democratic strategist and former Clinton-era White House aide is trumpeting a bipartisan consensus that finds Rep. Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal is not an important political issue facing the country.

Democratic strategist Robert Weiner, a former Clinton White House public affairs director, and former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) agreed Monday morning on the TV program “Fox and Friends” that “real issues” trump the massive attention being given to Rep. Weiner (D-N.Y.).

“The real scandals are the two wars finding no [weapons of mass destruction] costing $3 trillion, the no-job creating tax cuts costing $4 trillion over 10 years as a failed policy, and saying seniors will be happier with less Medicare and Social Security,” says Bob Weiner, apparently no relation to the congressman whose Internet-based sex scandal has dominated headlines in recent weeks. “Those and the people who’ve pushed those policies are the real scandals we should be purging.”

“I agree with Bob that it’s the real issues that are important,” says Coleman, according to a statement about the discussion released by Bob Weiner.

On Rep. Weiner, Bob Weiner ripped into Republicans, calling GOP hypocrisy regarding the embattled congressman “amazing.”

“The list of Republicans with scandals who’ve stayed long includes Senator Vitter (prostitutes), Larry Craig (airport bathroom solicitation), Sen. Ensign (sex with staffer even though Chair of Republican Senate Campaign Committee), John McCain (cheated on first wife after she was paralyzed in car crash), and Newt Gingrich (cheated on wife when she had cancer and while he was calling for Bill Clinton to leave).

“Yet RNC Chair [Reince] Priebus says Democrats are taking ‘too long’ and House Republican Leader [Eric] Cantor says ‘Weiner must go’ but says nothing about all the Republicans with scandals and who stayed,” Bob Weiner says.

“It’s a health issue for which Cong. Weiner is seeking treatment, and it should be up to Weiner’s constituents,” Bob Weiner adds. ” Cong. Weiner’s wife Huma is a wonderful person -– I know her from my Clinton White House years and since– and it should be up to the two of them and Weiner’s constituents.”

Rep. Weiner reportedly is seeking a leave of absence from the House to seek treatment for his pattern of behavior which included sex-related text messages and transmission of lewd photographs over the Internet.

The congressman has rejected calls from both Republicans and Democrats seeking his resignation because of the scandal.

Scott Nance is the editor and publisher of the news site The Washington Current. He has covered Congress and the federal government for more than a decade.

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