Romney Jokes at the Expense of the Unemployed

Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney’s net worth is about $200 million, yet he thought it would be funny joke to a group of unemployed folks that he is also unemployed:

Romney’s “unemployed” gaff should come back to haunt him for the duration of his campaign.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair, released the following statement after Mitt Romney told a group of unemployed Floridians that he’s “also unemployed” and equated his campaign for president with the search for a job:

“Mitt Romney’s comments today at an event with unemployed Floridians that he’s ‘also unemployed’ is inappropriate and insensitive to the millions of Americans looking for work. This comment shows that Mitt Romney – a man who wants for nothing and whose only occupation for more than four years has been to run for President – is incredibly out of touch with what’s going on in our country and around the dinner tables of those who are out of work.

“Being unemployed, Mr. Romney, is not a joke – not to my constituents in Florida or to millions of Americans across the country. Folks in my home state and across the country, who are struggling every day to make ends meet, do not need someone making light of their situation. Equating his run for the presidency with the difficulties of these honest hard-working Americans is shocking and is a reflection of his inability to comprehend the struggles of the American people. The fact is, the failed policies of the past, that he is advocating for, got us into the situation we’re in the first place and Americans want neither a repeat of those policies or the type of out-of-touch and failed leadership Mitt Romney represents.”

Talk about being out of touch with the little people. Romney is clueless about the plight of the unemployed.

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