Maria Shriver Files For Divorce

I’ve always really admired Maria Shriver, so I am relieved to hear the news today that she has filed for divorcefrom former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, citing irreconcilable differences as she seeks to end a 25-year marriage.”

The couple separated earlier this year, after Mr. Schwarzenegger told Ms. Shriver he had fathered the child of a former household employee.

In papers filed in county court Friday and posted on the TMZ Web site, Ms. Shriver asks for joint custody of their two sons, ages 17 and 13. Ms. Shriver is also asking for spousal support and for Mr. Schwarzenegger to pay the legal fees for both of them. The couple also have two adult daughters.

Shriver has retained high-profile Los Angeles divorce lawyer, Laura W. Wasser.

A spokesman for Mr. Schwarzenegger, Adam Mendelsohn, declined to comment. The papers were filed without announcement in Superior Court in Los Angeles on Thursday at the start of a long holiday weekend, traditionally a time people in government put out information they prefer draw minimal public attention. Ms. Shriver was described by friends as mortified by the whole episode and seeking to move quietly beyond it.

After years of rumors that Schwarzenegger had aggressively pursued other women, including during his first campaign for governor in California, the rumors finally hit home with the revelation that he “had kept the secret that he had fathered a child with the employee, Mildred Patricia Baena.”  

TMZ reports, “there is no prenup, so all of Arnold and Maria’s earnings over the past quarter century will be divided 50/50.”

They always seemed to so many including myself, to be a very unlikely couple.

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