The Debt and The Jobless

Pay no attention to the fact that “overwhelming numbers of Americans agree that, over the years, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have been good for the country,” those fine “entitlements” are on the chopping block now, along with other government spending geared towards helping the poor and the jobless. Sure … Continue reading

What Do You Do With A Busted Rupert?

Consider the imperial callousness of that act: the News of the World, as with any institution, has a kind of life of its own, has a history and a richness that the mere crass commerce of snapping up the company doesn’t fully appreciate. And, consider the lives spent at the newspaper, and all the innocents — who have done their jobs, and held positions and trusts whose existence predates the Coming of Rupert by at least a century — who will be punished, made jobless, ordered to clean out their desks through no fault of their own, but as the reflexive reaction of a plutocrat attempting to cut off the chain of complicity at the newspaper room itself. Continue reading

GOP Senators Vote For ‘Shared Sacrifice,’ Then Scoff At It

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and a number of other GOP senators voted Thursday for a non-binding resolution calling for shared sacrifice from the wealthiest taxpayers in dealing with the mounting federal budget deficit — and also scoffed at the measure. Rather than filibuster the “sense of the Senate resolution,” … Continue reading