Washington Democrats Put Up 2nd Ad In Wisc. Recall Race

A Washington-based Democratic group is seeking donations to help keep on the air its second TV spot in the recall election of one of the targeted GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), tasked with electing Democrats to state legislatures nationwide, says it has an ad up in the race to recall Republican state Sen. Randy Hopper.

Hopper is one of six Wisconsin Republican lawmakers which Democrats want to recall because of their support for the plan to curb the collective bargaining rights of state employees and other initiatives of GOP Gov. Scott Walker. If Democrats are successful in ousting three Republicans, they can retake the state senate.

“Republican Randy Hopper made the wrong choice when he sided with Scott Walker and voted against the working families he’s supposed to represent. Now we’re holding him accountable for it, and Republicans don’t like it one bit,” DLCC National Political Director John Winston says in an email Friday. “But we’re not backing down.

“The GOP can huff and puff all they want over our second TV ad for the Wisconsin recalls, but they’re the ones who cast the bad votes and trampled the rights of their constituents. They wrote this story – we’re just telling it,” he adds.




The spot features an “everyday mom from Oshkosh, Wisconsin,” Winston says, “to explain why she felt betrayed by her GOP state Senator, Randy Hopper, who voted to slash nearly $800 million from Wisconsin schools while giving massive new tax breaks to the wealthy.

“It’s a simple ad, with a simple story, about a career GOP politician’s misplaced priorities,” Winston adds.

The DLCC is seeking contributions of $10 or more from supporters to keep the ad on the air.

The DLCC also has paid for ads in Wisconsin to play defense for state Senator Dave Hansen, one of three Democrats who Republicans are trying to oust in their own recall gambit. Hansen’s recall election is four days away. The DLCC is hoping to keep Hansen in office.


Scott Nance is the editor and publisher of the news site The Washington Current. He has covered Congress and the federal government for more than a decade.


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