A ‘Form Of Class Warfare,’ Boehner Plan Would Likely Still Result in Downgrade

Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s new budget proposal would require deep cuts in the years immediately ahead in Social Security and Medicare benefits for current retirees, the repeal of health reform’s coverage expansions, or wholesale evisceration of basic assistance programs for vulnerable Americans, according to a top Washington budget analyst. … Continue reading

The Kochtopian Nerve Seems to have been Struck

The Koch modus operandi has always been to hide, to disguise, to operate under any name but their own. That’s an unbroken series of demonstrable actions going back to the 1970s, and a slew of actions that carefully AVOID a causal link, but look increasingly likely as the evidence mounts. In the 2006 “Howie Rich” scandal, millions of dollars were slushed to dozens of states and the Center for Public Integrity’s investigation turned up that THREE individuals funded them all, to the 99% + level, but we still don’t know who those Three were… Continue reading