Juan, Juan, Is That You Carrying On?

Just as you don’t earn your anti-censorship street cred by defending popular speech from people you agree with, you earn your NOT-BIGOTED ANTI-RACIST chops by defending unpopular groups NOT your own. Everybody is right about how great THEIR people are. It’s as common as dirt and just as rhetorically useful. (Especially when it’s mixed with water.) Continue reading

Capitol Idea: If Not ‘Mano-a-Mano,’ What Were You Expecting, Mr. Speaker?

“I didn’t sign up for going man o-a-mano with the President of the United States.” — House Speaker John Boehner In a town otherwise dominated politically by Democrats, just what did Republican John Boehner think he was signing on for when he ousted Nancy Pelosi as House speaker? Indeed, Boehner … Continue reading