Capitol Idea: Hurricane-Force Politics: Ron Paul Nostalgic For 1900, The Year a Big One Killed 8,000

We should be like 1900; we should be like 1940, 1950, 1960. I live on the Gulf Coast; we deal with hurricanes all the time. Galveston is in my district. –Ron Paul The Texas congressman and serial Republican presidential candidate uttered this comment just ahead of Hurricane Irene making landfall … Continue reading

Eric Cantor Becomes New Target For American Dream TV Spot

A prominent progressive advocacy group says it will next target House Majority Leader Eric Cantor with its new TV ad which calls for the defense of the American Dream. Democracy For America (DFA), which first launched the spot last week, says its supporters have voted to air the ad in … Continue reading

Nurses To Converge on 60 Congressional Offices, Calling for New Tax on Wall Street

From Maine to California, nurses, joined by others angry over the ongoing economic crisis, will call on members of Congress in their local district offices on Thursday to support a tax on Wall Street financial speculation to pay to, in their words, “heal the nation.” The nurses — members of the National … Continue reading

Not Merely Crazy, but PREDICTABLY Crazy

Sometimes this stuff just writes itself. Other times, I already wrote it before the madness in question even hits print. Today, we have two cases in point. First you might recall my chronicling, yesterday, of the attempt by Politico’s lazy writer to boil down an hour-long interview (by someone else, on TV) to seven flaccid paragraphs. The Daily Caller, financed by Foster Friess, helmed by juvenile Tucker Carlson continues the sensationalization and smear predicted yesterday… Continue reading

President Declares Disasters In Irene’s Path

President Obama has signed emergency declarations for the following states: North Carolina, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maryland, according to the White House. The declarations come as Hurricane Irene barrels up the East Coast. The storm has been blamed for at least eight … Continue reading

Toxic Lead to Cover Iowa Killing Fields

Iowa, which gave us the carnival known as the Iowa Straw Poll and artery-clogging Deep Fried Butter, will unleash another health problem, beginning Sept. 1. The Iowa legislature last year approved a dove hunting season, the first in more than nine decades. However, the state’s Department of Natural Resources and … Continue reading

All the President’s Men (and Women): Electing a Cast of Thousands

At this point in a presidential campaign, our sense is dominated by images of candidates shaking hands at a diner in New Hampshire, or working a crowd at the state fair in Iowa. Given the kind of retail politics that power these early days in the road to the White … Continue reading