Pedaling With A Purpose: Armstrong and Kerry Ride in Pan-Mass Challenge

Senator John Kerry rode in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge this weekend for the ninth time. He crossed the finish line with Lance Armstrong at his side.

When asked whether he had kept pace with Armstrong, a seven-time Tour de France champion, Kerry replied: “I’d say I did not keep pace with Lance. I would say Lance kept pace with me.’’

Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown, “who has six Democrats already vying to take his seat next year, finished a couple hours after Armstrong and Kerry.”

Brown, who is reportedly training for a triathalon, apparently spent a lot of time at the watering holes along the route: “Every water stop, we spent a good 10, 15 minutes at each one,’’ Brown said.

This year’s 32d annual fund-raiser was a star-studded event, which organizers hope will raise $34 million toward cancer research. Armstrong, who is among the world’s most widely known cancer survivors, joined the senators, each of whom has participated in the fund-raiser before.

When asked about Standard & Poor’s decision to reduce the U.S. credit rating on Friday, Senator Scott Brown said, “It doesn’t surprise me.’’

Separately, a visibly frustrated Kerry said, “The institution [of the Congress] isn’t the problem; it’s the people in it.’’

Kerry later told the Globe in the phone interview that “it’s easier to raise money for the Pan-Mass Challenge than it is to raise the debt ceiling.’’

Senator Kerry was also on Meet The Press today talking about the S&P downgrade aka the “Tea Party Downgrade“:

Kerry’s appearance on Meet The Press today was followed by a lot of right wing whining in the blogosphere.

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