A Personal Note: Carpal Tunnel Surgery Scheduled

After many, many years of on and off suffering from carpal tunnel I am scheduled for surgery on Friday August 12, on my left hand. In 4 months I hope to have the right hand done as well.

It’s a long over due treatment that I hope will make a major difference in my life. I had been very reticent for years to have the surgery, and not having health care insurance for a few years also compounded the inability to get proper treatment.

I’m having the “open” surgery as opposed to the “endoscopic” because my surgeon feels that is the best procedure. MY EMG showed “significant” carpal in both hands – with my left worst than the right. I had tried cortisone injections and wearing a splint, but it’s only a temporary fix at this point.

The good news is, I have a very good surgeon, who I am very confident will do an awesome job with the surgery. The bad news is, I’ll be unable to spend much time blogging for the next few weeks. Given that, I leave The Dem Daily in the capable hands of Scott Nance and Hart Williams and as soon as I can I’ll post an update on my recovery.

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