Democrats Claim Victory In Wisconsin — And Beyond

The Wisconsin legislative recalls are now history, and although Democrats fell short in their quest to retake control of the state senate, they can boast of having won a majority of the special races. Two state Democrats successfully defended their seats Tuesday night in the final recall elections in the … Continue reading

I Knew a Guy Who Named His Dog ‘Cujo’

We are more the slaves of our language and symbols than their master, and this constant conditioning creates loyalties, fears, attractions and a thousand other effects that we are generally unaware of, but which are real nonetheless. Why else would they spend so much money seeing what “turns on” the amygdala if it didn’t work?
And there is a symbolic portion of our brains that refuses to vanish. We are powerfully affected by symbols and metaphor. Why else would so many angry letters pour in during any “flag burning” debate in which “patriots” would inveigh that they would DIE for the flag? Not the symbolism of the flag: the actual piece of cloth…. Continue reading