Eric Cantor Becomes New Target For American Dream TV Spot

A prominent progressive advocacy group says it will next target House Majority Leader Eric Cantor with its new TV ad which calls for the defense of the American Dream.

Democracy For America (DFA), which first launched the spot last week, says its supporters have voted to air the ad in the Republican leader’s Virginia district.

“On Friday, we asked DFA members to vote on which Republican to target next with our new TV ad exposing the Republican attacks on Medicare, Social Security and education. It was close, but the winner was clear: Republican Eric Cantor,” DFA Political Director Charles Chamberlain says in an email sent Sunday. “Now, we’ll hit him hard across his Virginia district before he heads back to Washington after Labor Day.”




Second-in-command in the House GOP hierarchy, Cantor has been a strong force for carrying out tea party demands to slash federal spending and reduce the size of the federal government.

Despite the fact that in the last week his district has been hit by a major earthquake and Hurricane Irene, Cantor more recently has suggested federal disaster relief be contingent on further federal budget cutting.

Established out of former Vermont governor Howard Dean’s 2004 unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination for president, DFA says it first began airing its TV ad last week with buys on such programs as NBC’s Meet The Press.

In his email, Chamberlain says DFA is soliciting contributions from supporters to air the ad in Cantor’s district.

First elected to Congress in 2000, Cantor hasn’t dipped below 59 percent in any of his re-election campaigns.


Scott Nance is the editor and publisher of the news site The Washington Current. He has covered Congress and the federal government for more than a decade.

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