‘One of My Best Friends is Black’

The point isn’t skin color, or religion or economic status. The issue is exclusion, and when you’re as ham-handedly race-obsessed as to put up Herman Cain as the token Black for all Republicans to almost entirely White audiences, or Ali Akbar as the Token Black for all (virtually all-White) Tea Partiers, you DO have a racial problem. As Shakespeare wrote: Methinks the Lady doth protest too much. Continue reading

Banning the First Amendment

Parents demanded it be banned. School superintendents placed it in restricted sections of their libraries. It is the most challenged book four of the past five years, according to the American Library Association (ALA). “It” is a 32-page illustrated children’s book, And Tango Makes Three, by Peter Parnell and Justin … Continue reading

The Sport of Kings

Instead of banding together as a UNITED States, the states have clumped together in a “meee first” set of primaries that virtually assures the Golden Rule: whoever has the gold gets to rule. Increasingly, our congressional and even state campaigns are dominated by out-of-state cash. Now, with mystery rules, we may never even get to see who paid the TV stations and radio stations to run the ads that the slick political media shops come up with. No issue can be worth more than 30 seconds, no bad commercials get elected. Continue reading

Dems Out To Deliver For Postal Service

Declaring “that in many small towns in Vermont, post offices are more than just post offices-in many cases, they are the heart and soul of the town,” Sen. Bernie Sanders joined a burgeoning effort among Democrats and progressives to save the struggling U.S. Postal Service. Speaking at a postal rally … Continue reading

Capitol Idea: Will Obama Get Re-elected? Don’t Just Watch The Polls; Instead, Follow The Money

Love him or hate him, you probably want to know whether Barack Obama will be re-elected to a second term next year. One might turn to the endless stream of opinion polls — which increasingly have been spelling doom and gloom for the president’s 2012 prospects. Beware of these polls, … Continue reading

It’s Past Time for the L.A. Times to fire Andrew Malcolm

The problem here is not that Andrew Malcolm hates Obama with a purple passion and will pounce on the slightest whiff of anything to do so. That’s his opinion and opinions are, by definition, true to the opiner and as valuable as the wind that carries them. But when the opinion is based on his OPINION of a “fact,” that’s a bridge too far for any reputable news outlet. Continue reading

Washington: A Capital City With Third-Class Radio (And Getting Worse)

September 19 was my birthday, but the folks who ran my favorite radio station didn’t give me much of a present. I drove to work that morning to discover the whole station was dying. The morning “Kirk and Mike Show” was gone, replaced by a stream of classic rock interrupted … Continue reading

Another Day, Another Bridge: Union Puts Pressure On GOP Freshman

Just days after President Obama stood by a bridge to make his case to pass his American Jobs Act, a labor union has turned attention to another major span — this one in actual desperate need of repair — to demonstrate the need for increased investment in U.S. infrastructure as … Continue reading

Video Appears to Show Wall Street Protesters Being Pepper-Sprayed by NYPD

The City Room has this video posted by USLaw.com: The video “captures a confrontation on Saturday between the police and several protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement.” In slow motion, and with annotation explaining what is happening, the video seems to show a high-ranking member of the New York Police … Continue reading