The Battle of the Little Big Tinhorn

Bush: “The work that was done by intelligence communities during my presidency was part of putting together the puzzle that enabled us to see the full picture of how bin Laden was communicating and eventually where he was hiding,” he said. “It began the day after 9/11. Cheney: Some of my colleagues may have forgotten that but in fact everybody who was a member of the national security council was informed about the essence of the (torture) programme and signed up to it,” he said. Continue reading

Left Greets Obama Jobs Bill Enthusiastically — With Some Questions

Progressives who fretted whether President Obama would “go big” with his jobs speech Thursday night apparently needn’t have worried. Many on the left, including organized labor, warmly embraced the $447 billion in job-creation proposals that the president outlined in his televised address to a joint session of Congress. Leo Gerard, … Continue reading

Crocodile Tears on a Cash Register Patriotism

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Walter Brasch has written dozens of columns, human interest stories, and investigative articles about 9/11 and its effects. He was one of the first to write about the PATRIOT Act violating civil liberties and parts of the Constitution. He was one of the first, using extensive investigation techniques … Continue reading