Inside the Death Cult of the GOP (part ii.)

Government is, at base, organic, and the first form of government anywhere is the family. When the partisanship has reached down to the level of destroying families, of denouncing science and scientists, of setting national policy based on the fever dreams spawned by the least intelligible book of the Bible, of valuing hypothetical babies over actual, living women, and, not coincidentally, hypothetical financial crises over clear and present crises, this is not merely pernicious, but actively toxic to society itself. Continue reading

Supercommittee Put On Notice: Don’t Cut Social Security

Overlapping groups of Democratic senators have launched efforts to prevent the so-called congressional supercommittee from cutting Social Security benefits as a means to reduce the federal budget deficit. On the one hand, several Senate Democrats have gotten behind legislation to strengthen Social Security by applying the payroll tax that most … Continue reading

Inside the Death Cult of the GOP (part i.)

The bizarre events of the past several days have been almost beyond articulation, as I watched the Orange Speaker of the House REFUSE a Presidential request for a joint session of congress — FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE REPUBLIC — claiming that the House had “important legislative business” on its schedule that would make such an appearance impossible.
This has moved far beyond the pale of partisan politics, or even the schoolyard. It has moved into the realm of the Goths and the Visigoths, and still we cannot articulate how fundamentally WRONG this pettiness, this pettifoggery is. Continue reading