Team Obama Hammers Boehner Over Jobs Act

President Obama touted the benefits of the American Jobs Act while standing on the bridge which connects Ohio and Kentucky.

Gone is the conciliatory Barack Obama. Standing on the Brent Spence Bridge that connects Ohio and Kentucky, Obama no longer was a president patiently trying to coax a budget deal from John Boehner.

No, now Obama simply wants to rain holy hell down on the Republican House speaker.

The president traveled to the cross-state span Thursday to explain how his American Jobs Act could help rebuild that bridge and thousands like it, and put construction workers and manufacturers back to work.

Just hours later, the top official of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign made clear what was going on: Pressure Boehner into passing the $447-billion jobs bill.

“It has been exactly two weeks since President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act — a fully paid-for plan made up of ideas that both parties have endorsed in the past and ought to be able to get behind now. A wide majority of Americans who have heard about the Jobs Act want to see it passed right away. But Congress has yet to take any action on it whatsoever,” Campaign Manager Jim Messina says in a Thursday evening email to the president’s supporters.

“There’s no excuse for any more delays,” he adds. “The President is out there bringing this plan straight to the American people. It’s on us to help put the pressure on Congress. House Speaker John Boehner — who will be leading the Republicans in negotiations — needs to hear what Americans like you think.”

Messina includes Boehner’s House phone number in the email and asks supporters to call.

“Call Speaker Boehner’s office now at (202) 225-0600 — tell him not to let politics get in the way of creating jobs, and ask him to help make sure Congress passes the American Jobs Act,” he says.

Messina dismisses the Republican complaints of “class warfare” which conservatives have used to reject the tax increase on wealthy Americans that Obama proposed to help pay for the jobs bill.

“As the President said, this isn’t class warfare — it’s simple math. If we want to reduce the deficit and put America back to work, we can’t put the entire burden on the middle class. But we know that’s exactly what congressional Republicans will do if we don’t take action — decimate programs seniors and families rely on, while protecting every loophole and giveaway for billionaires and big corporations,” Messina says. “None of us have time to sit around and wait while our lawmakers dig in for a political fight when there are reasonable solutions for creating jobs on the table right now.”

He urges Obama supporters to help cut through the political posturing: “Call John Boehner in Washington now — and tell him it’s time to pass this jobs bill.


Scott Nance is the editor and publisher of the news site The Washington Current. He has covered Congress and the federal government for more than a decade.свети георги

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