Is that a Bundle of Racism under the Bigot Tree?

Of course not. (To hear them tell it.)

“Genuine conservative Southern belle”

I refer you to the protagonist of the earlier, enthralling posting “” [28 April 2011], Sister Toldjah (“Genuine conservative Southern belle born in the wrong era. Soundly refuting liberals online since 2000″). One assumes the right era to be the Antebellum — if only from the context.

Today’s object of screeching that he’s a racist for suggesting racism is famed actor and Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman. But, let Sister Toldjah (whose blog name is, itself, a crypto-racist slur) limn the vastness of Freeman’s uppityness (interpolated with a mild Fisking):

Hmmm. You know what I think would make America a better place? If ignorant, self-important left-wing nitwits would educate themselves beyond what the liberal MSM tells them to think.

What we have in the first sentence is virulent bigotry: “self-important left-wing nitwits” and “liberal MSM” with the connective tissue of “uneducated” and “brainwashed.” Or, uneducated ignorant left-wing nitwits brainwashed by liberal media. Which isn’t merely bigoted, but astonishingly redundant.

here is the selectively chosen film clip of
Morgan Freeman being interviewed by Piers Morgan
on CNN that’s referenced (and linked) in the blog
note the dispassionate title of the YouTube page 

Once again, we have a case where a public figure in a position of great influence has taken the biased, tainted words and spin of ABC/CBS/NBCblack [sic] Democrat politicos and activists – and perhaps liberal blogs, too – and has mindlessly regurgitated their talking points as if to imply that he actually knows what he’s talking about.

“mindlessly regurgitated” may seem a devastating indictment to the writer, but seems more an unselfconscious self-indictment by the writer.

Since he believes the Tea Party (and all conservatives for that matter) are so “racist”, I wonder if he views the black [sic] conservatives, especially those who have made their voices known since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency, to be “Uncle Toms” our “house slaves” like Harry Belafonte does?

Because our “Southern belle” knows much more about race relations than does Harry Belafonte? Why? Because he’s …”black” [sic]?

Worse, this is yet another variation of the old “some of my best friends are Black” excuse of the Civil Rights era, slightly recast as “some of our best conservatives are black.” [sic]

If he’s so concerned about race relations, why not stand up for the brave black conservatives who are under constant attacks from black liberals for “straying off the liberal plantation”?

Southern Plantation, Thomas Nast, Harpers 1863

The “plantation’ reference is mindlessly repeated from standard buzzwords, but seems an astonishing “tell” in attempting to refute implied charges of  “racism.” Why would one scream that there IS NO RACISM HERE (IDIOT) and innocently use the term “plantation”? in reference to “black liberals”?

I wonder if this Hollywood pseudo-elitist

again, bigoted, though not “racist.”

has ever stopped to think for half a second about how racist, anti-America tripe from Obama’s longtime “spiritual mentor

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright “case” of “anti-racism” invoked as a defense AGAINST charges of racism. Not merely self-contradictory in the extreme, but dating back to far before the Conventions, let alone the presidential election of 2008. I guess “new” notions of racism can get pretty old, too.

This was an actual 1925 march in Washington D.C.
(they were incredibly anti-immigrant, too.) 

Sister Toldjah continues:

has negatively impacted race relations in this country, how black Democrats

We don’t hate them because they’re ‘black.’ We hate them because they’re Democrats. So there! (As defenses against charges of racism go, this is not proving one of the most airtight.)  But what is critical here, and throughout these arguments is the astonishing notion that you can hate a class of people as much as you want, but as long as it’s not about melanin content in the skin bag, it’s not RACISM. (And, therefore, somehow it’s OK.) It is the semantic “trick” that allows anti “Muslim” bigotry and anti “Immigrant” bigotry, because, of course, it’s not about skin color. We have OTHER reasons to hate this class … of “black Democrats”?

a cute puppy to keep this 
post all warm and fuzzy

It is astonishing to consider that Abraham Lincoln was sneered at throughout the South, along with his party, as “black Republicans” through the Civil War and well into the Reconstruction:

Black Republicans

From 1854, when the Republican Party was founded, Democrats labeled it adherents “black” Republicans to identify them as proponents of black equality. During the 1860 elections Southern Democrats used the term derisively to press their belief that Abraham Lincoln’s victory would incite slave rebellions in the South and lead to widespread miscegenation.

The image the term conveyed became more hated in the South during Reconstruction as Radical Republicans forced legislation repugnant to Southerners and installed Northern Republicans or Unionists in the governments of the former Confederate states.

Source: “Historical Times Encyclopedia of the Civil War”

Now, it’s “black Democrats.” Plus ça changeplus c’est la même chose…

and their asinine characterization of any and all opposition to this President as “racism” have set back race relations in this country,

Ah, so it’s ‘blacks’ who are responsible for racism. If ONLY they weren’t so gosh-darned uppity, think how running-through- the-daisies-chasing-butterflys the world would be! Those ugly black racists! Grrrr!

the website header, stacked

and how this President himself falsely classifying “Tea Party elements” as “racist” has not moved race relations forward in a way that “the enlightened class” told us this “post-racial” President would?

A non-sequitur, but perhaps the link will cast illumination on this charge: ‘Despicable “post-racial President”: Race is a primary motivator behind Tea Party‘ (3 March 2011).


Not to mention how all of the bogus accusations mentioned above have devastatingly chilling effects on free speech, causing some people to fear speaking out against this administration’s policies for fear of the dreaded false accusation of racism?

I guess we’re all  living in a Stalinist police state in which any happy banter about “plantations” or the racism of black liberals is cause for swift middle-of-the-night extraordinary renditions to Uzbekistan?

I hadn’t known that before.

Now I’m really scared. Scary ‘black’ men.

Oh, I forgot the title of this bundle of joy posting from the Antebellum Southern bellum.

Dear Morgan Freeman: Please bite me. Sincerely, (raci)ST
Posted by: ST on September 24, 2011 at 11:30 am

The irony in that title may not be as present as its author seems to believe.

She wasn’t alone, by the by.

(Special mention must be made of this dispassionate, rational analysis: ZIP / Weasel Zippers:  Hollywood Moonbat Morgan Freeman: Tea Party Is Racist Because It Opposes Obama…)

Scary, scary Morgan Freeman



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