Video Appears to Show Wall Street Protesters Being Pepper-Sprayed by NYPD

The City Room has this video posted by

The video “captures a confrontation on Saturday between the police and several protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement.”

In slow motion, and with annotation explaining what is happening, the video seems to show a high-ranking member of the New York Police Department spraying a substance — the video says it is Mace or pepper spray — toward several women who were standing behind a wall of orange netting. After the spraying, one woman can be seen dropping to the ground, screaming in apparent pain.

City Room notes that “a request to the Police Department for comment was not immediately returned.”

I believe in the right to free speech and protest. If these protestors were in fact peppered sprayed in such a manner by NYPD, this is so wrong-minded I can’t even begin to comprehend.

These protestors speak for me and all the struggling American’s in this recession, who have become slave to debt and the greed of Wall Street.

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2 Responses to Video Appears to Show Wall Street Protesters Being Pepper-Sprayed by NYPD

  1. David says:

    This was an unprovoked attack on these woman that were standing there. This is how Wall Street wants the police to treat people, so they just do. This is how republicans want the world to look like.

  2. Scott Nance says:

    On the plus side, I saw some of my Facebook friends have been calling a pizza shop in NYC ordering food for the protesters. The shop is Liberatos Pizza, ?(212) 344-3464. One such FB friend reports the pizza shop told her folks from around the country and around the world have been calling up and ordering them food.