The Sport of Kings

Instead of banding together as a UNITED States, the states have clumped together in a “meee first” set of primaries that virtually assures the Golden Rule: whoever has the gold gets to rule. Increasingly, our congressional and even state campaigns are dominated by out-of-state cash. Now, with mystery rules, we may never even get to see who paid the TV stations and radio stations to run the ads that the slick political media shops come up with. No issue can be worth more than 30 seconds, no bad commercials get elected. Continue reading

Dems Out To Deliver For Postal Service

Declaring “that in many small towns in Vermont, post offices are more than just post offices-in many cases, they are the heart and soul of the town,” Sen. Bernie Sanders joined a burgeoning effort among Democrats and progressives to save the struggling U.S. Postal Service. Speaking at a postal rally … Continue reading