Quick Somebody Write Another Love Song

With the population increasing to unprecedented levels, and the clear evidence that human activity actively and detrimentally affects the biosphere of the planet — a biosphere that human life depends on — what are we arguing about? About forcing women to carry pregnancies to term, since once the zygote is formed, its rights trump any of her rights to make any choice about the next eighteen years. Continue reading

It Could Get Crowded Out There: New Protests Planned ‘In Solidarity With’ OWS

In just a few short weeks, Occupy Wall Street has done more than merely spawn hundreds of other Occupy protests across the country and around the world. It’s given birth to an entire movement which has rejuvenated the whole of the American left, almost literally overnight. Labor unions, progressive advocacy organizations, and others have all rushed to associate themselves with Occupy, and that association has clearly become a two-way street. The unions and others have been supporting Occupy with financial, media, and other forms of support. But these organizations also very much seem to want to tap into all of this new energy on the left. Democracy For America, an organization associated with former Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean, has … Continue reading

What Occupy Wall Street Says About America

Our media have become one colossal, endless experiment in Branding. On the other hand, the underground newspapers of today are the social networking that’s put together the OWS movement, that’s organized around the world, and form the only thin, tenuous counterbalance to our imperial media. Continue reading

A Patch of Pumpkin Heads

by Rosemary and Walter Brasch In a few days, millions of children will put on costumes, go door to door, and shout “trick or treat.” By Nov. 1, it’ll be over. But, it won’t be over for Americans who will face presidential candidates for the next year. The candidates will continue to try to mask their true selves, while luring us with treats that disguise tricks. Let’s see what each of the candidates might be wearing for the coming year. President Obama could dress as a stable boy. Since his first day on the job, he’s had to shovel whatever it is that was left for him in the stable. His opponents, however, think he should dress up as Pinocchio, … Continue reading

Pelosi: The Supercommittee’s Work Should Be ‘Public Domain’

Even as lawmakers wrangle over the details of the work of the so-called supercommittee, the top House Democrat is calling for more openness in the decision-making of the bipartisan deficit-reduction panel. Created by last summer’s federal debt deal, the members of the supercommittee have just until Thanksgiving to find $1.2 trillion over 10 years in deficit-reduction. Members of the panel, known officially as the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, have been conducting all of their important negotiating entirely behind closed doors. Predictable partisan jostling began this week as details of those talks began coming public. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi warned that the final package put forward by the 12-member supercommittee “cannot be a product of secrecy.” “You know, … Continue reading

The Monkey Cage

The Party has no clear consensus and, thus, “priorities” are all over the map. They are held together either by hatred — Guns, God, Gays, etc. — or else sheer contrariness — oppose all Democratic ideas, no matter how sound — but the fundamental positions within the GOP are SO contradictory that no one exists who could fill the wish list for the crazy salad they’d collectively like to toss. Continue reading

How Much Will $31.50 Buy?: Administration Officials, Lawmakers To Experience Food Stamps

What if you had just $31.50 to spend for a week’s worth of groceries? That’s the average allotment to those who receive federal assistance through Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), the program formerly known as Food Stamps. Top Obama administration officials, including senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, several members of Congress, and others plan to find out on Thursday during a shopping trip to a Capitol Hill grocery store as part of the National Food Stamp Challenge. With Congress considering cutting the budget for SNAP, the religious community is leading an effort to focus the country’s attention on the realities of hunger and poverty. Poverty is at an all-time high in the United States, and more than 45 million … Continue reading

Star Power: Warren Picks Up Franken Endorsement In Mass. Senate Race

Elizabeth Warren picked up a key endorsement, and potentially a significant new fundraising source, in her campaign to take on Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.). Warren, who is quickly solidifying her position as the frontrunner for the 2012 Democratic Massachusetts Senate nomination, won public support Tuesday from Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), the former late-night TV comedian and progressive talk radio host. A former top adviser to the Obama administration, Warren entered a crowded field vying for the chance to take on Brown, the first Republican in a generation elected to the Senate from the Bay State. She has seen her standing soar in recent weeks, in large measure due to a popular online video in which she pushed back against conservative … Continue reading