Palin Will Not Run for President

I don’t think too many people really thought that Sarah Palin would run for president in 2012. It is now officially, official… Palin Will Not Run: Sarah Palin’s brand would have been damaged by presidential run. Palin’s profile is already sky high, and a losing campaign would have been a … Continue reading

So Just What Is This American Dream That We’re All Fighting For?

Folks are fighting for it in the streets. Believe it or not, they’re fighting for it in Washington. A few brave souls even still fight for it on Capitol Hill. So when progressives came together in a Washington hotel this week for a conference called, “Take Back the American Dream,” it … Continue reading

‘Special’ Relatives and Special Relativity

Which is a long way of saying that my ‘special’ maybe/maybe-not distant relative Hank Williams, Jr. made some pretty Out There comments on Faux Nooz™ yesterday morning, which has been pounced on by anyone with an opinion to push, but what was most important to me has not been commented on at ALL, that I know of. Continue reading