Palin Will Not Run for President

I don’t think too many people really thought that Sarah Palin would run for president in 2012. It is now officially, official… Palin Will Not Run: Sarah Palin’s brand would have been damaged by presidential run.

Palin’s profile is already sky high, and a losing campaign would have been a brand-diminishing embarrassment to a woman about whom a laudatory documentary called “The Undefeated” came out over the summer. 

Palin knew all this, but that didn’t stop her from repeatedly claiming that she might enter the race – even as her potential rivals scooped up staffers, developed their fundraising network and ground game and reached out to key figures in early voting states. Cynics will say she never intended to run but only pretended to in order to keep the media’s eye focused on her, as it was when she crashed the Iowa straw poll over the summer.

Thank goodness that media circus is over… or at least there will be a break from the speculation, all meant to drive her “brand” higher.

Palin was never a serious candidate and I hope people will start to see her as she really is, a women more interested in her “brand” than politics. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll now launch a line of hunting clothing for women. Or something out of the politcal realm…

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