Video: Robin Hoods Kayak the Chicago River

Organized as part of Take Back Chicago Monday, a group of 40 activists dressed as Robin Hoods kayaked the Chicago River toward a Mortgage Bankers Association meeting to deliver a message: it’s time for the big banks to pay Americans back for the losses they have suffered through lost homes, lost … Continue reading

Fame as Disease; Celebrity as Illness (part i)

Whether these, or other reasons are the explanation, there is no doubt that the Fame Industry has never seen boomier days. And, as with awards shows, the proliferation of categories of things to be famous for, famous from, famous in, famous “out” and famous for famous-people-one-has-known has exploded, exponentially. You could be the Runaway Bride, the runaway TV Star, the new runway “Miss Thing,” or a former member of The Runaways. You might be “balloon boy,” or you could be a security guard at the Atlanta Olympics (the fastest fame to infamy curve in modern media history) named Richard Jewell. (Jewell died in 2007). Continue reading