Step Right Up And Get Your Occupy Merch Here

My neighbor went to Occupy Wall Street, and all I got was this lousy yard sign. That’s not really true, but it could be. Official Washington Democrats may still be unsure of how, or whether, to embrace the burgeoning Occupy protest movement, but at least progressive organization has figured out … Continue reading

BREAKING: Bloomberg Backs Down, Occupy Wall Street Stays

Under pressure, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has backed off an earlier demand that thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters be evicted from Zuccotti Park. “This morning at 6 o’clock, MoveOn members, union members, community organizers and thousands of others gathered in Zuccotti Park to stand in solidarity with the … Continue reading

OCCUPY WALL STREET: Separating Fact from Media

Newspaper columnist Ann Coulter, spreading the lies of the extreme right wing, called the Occupy Wall Street protestors, “tattooed, body-pierced, sunken-chested 19-year-olds getting in fights with the police for fun.” She claimed the protestors, now in the thousands in New York, are “directionless losers [who] pose for cameras while uttering … Continue reading