Great Moments in Jurnuhlizzm (Number Googleplex in a Series)

And, by extension, Mommy Marcus expands the Commandment to “honor your parents” to ALL authorities, except that parents become UNworthy of respect and honor if they do NOT teach mindless respect and honor for authority, no matter how crazy, how hateful, how fanatic and how willing to break the letter and spirit of the law that authority is. Continue reading

MoveOn Assists Internet Bill Filibuster

A prominent progressive advocacy organization is urging its supporters to sign an online petition against a highly controversial bill to regulate Internet content. That petition will help fuel an expected filibuster of the legislation when it comes up for debate in the Senate, according to MoveOn began circulating its petition Tuesday to help Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) block PROTECT IP, the Senate companion to the The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). A longtime advocate of Internet freedom, Wyden has vowed to “fight this every step of the way.”   Although the legislation aims to fight illegal use of copyrighted material, it could have far-reaching and unintended consequences, according to Wyden and other opponents. “While some would like to paint this … Continue reading

Senate Democrats To Put GOP On The Spot With Tax Cut

Senate Republicans who have been intensely devoted to tax cuts may find themselves this week on record in support of a big tax hike on the middle class. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced Monday plans to consider a bill to extend President Obama’s payroll tax cut which benefits 160 million American workers. Without an extension, those tax breaks will expire at the end of the year, however. Sen. Bob Casey’s legislation not only would continue the existing 2-percent payroll tax cut for employees into next year, it would boost it to a 3.1-percent break. The legislation would also cut in half (from 6.2 percent to 3.1 percent) the employer-side Social Security payroll taxes, Democrats say. Democrats also are quick … Continue reading

President Under Fire For Keystone Delay

President Obama has come under increasing criticism, largely from Republicans, for the decision to delay approval of a massive and controversial transnational pipeline. More than 50, mostly Republican, members of the House sent the president a letter decrying his administration’s decision to put off a decision on the proposed 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast. The Obama administration earlier this month pushed back action on the pipeline to 2013 at the earliest after a huge outpouring of opposition to the project. Thousands of protesters had converged on the White House to demontrate against it. Because the project would cross the U.S. border, it requires a permit from the State Department. Connie Mack (R-Fla.), along with 56 … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Leftovers

You wanna talk about “redistribution of wealth”? The largest single (in real dollar terms, and not fake dollar terms) in American history was the freeing of the slaves, which were then counted as the single greatest capital asset in the land, far outstripping railroads and mines, manufacturing and shipping. But, as the Council of Conservative Citizens reported on their website, Lincoln was a homosexual, a communist and an “American Lenin.” Continue reading

Brownback Friday

That’s the crux of Brownback Friday. Not that the governor of a great midwestern state, Kansas — which is also filled with wonderful, fabulous people who don’t deserve the opprobrium of being associated with “the means justify the ends” throwback Brownback — acted like a peevish child, and ordered the disciplining of a teenage girl he was spying on. Continue reading

Less Than Zero

But he hadn’t IGNORED the blatant lie in the Romney ad, he’d BLOWN RIGHT PAST IT. Somehow the quaint notion of “lie” had simply passed through his consciousness as effortlessly as krill through a tuna net. Lying was considered normal and this was hardball, and what was everybody so upset about? Continue reading

In The Supercommittee Blame Game, Fingers Point To Just One Republican

The failure this week of the so-called congressional supercommittee to agree on a package to reduce the federal budget deficit comes down not only to Republican intransigence, but really to that of just one conservative in particular, a man referred to as the “13th member” of the committee. Specifically, many on both sides — including Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, a prominent member of the supercommittee — called out Grover Norquist, the extremely powerful anti-tax activist in Washington, for his role in keeping Republicans from agreeing to any new taxes. Norquist wields much of his power due to the anti-tax pledge signed by most Republicans in Congress, and his ability to enforce that oath by working to defeat any who … Continue reading