2011 – The Blogging Year In Blogging Review

as 1968 ended, there were two grace notes: The crew of the USS Pueblo (taken in early 1968) were released from North Korea. And, of course the Christmas Eve look at the Earth from the Moon, as the astronauts of Apollo 8 read from Genesis. (Madeline Murray O’Hare would file suit, and end that. But it was perfect, that once.) Continue reading

Stories We Will Still Have to Write in 2012

  by WALTER and ROSEMARY BRASCH   In January 2009, with a new president about to be inaugurated, we wrote a column about the stories we preferred not having to write, but knew we would. Three years later, we are still writing about those problems; three years from now, we’ll still be writing about them. We had wanted the U.S. Department of the Interior to stop the government-approved slaughter of wild horses and burros in the southwest, but were disappointed that the cattle industry used its money and influence to shelter politicians from Americans who asked for compassion and understanding of  breeds that roamed freely long before the nation’s “Manifest Destiny.” We wanted to see the federal government protect wolves, … Continue reading

Ron Paul and the Invisible Empire

Let me restate the thesis of “The Invisible Empire” the interconnection between self-defined libertarians and the neo-Confederate “lost cause” and White Supremacist underground is exstensive and disturbing. The same characters with the same weird views keep showing up in the same contexts. Take a gander at this … Continue reading

The Seventh Annual Christmas Radio Show!

Originally appeared on KOPT-AM — the local Air America Affiliate. I wrote the script during the amazing Summer/Fall of 1986, when I wrote two books, two screenplays, a slew of short stories and essays, and fathered a daughter in my Hollywood office on Kingswell, in what turned out to be Walt Disney’s original studio. (OK: He originally started in his garage,which was two blocks down the street. I used to walk by it, nights.) Continue reading

One Jew’s Christmas

by WALTER BRASCH  I am a Jew.  I don’t mind receiving Christmas cards or being wished a “Merry Christmas” from friends, clerks, or even in junk mail trying to sell me something no sane person should ever buy. My wife and I even send Christmas cards, with messages of peace and joy, to our friends who are Christians or who we don’t know their religion.  I like Christmas music and Christmas carolers, even if some have voices that crack now and then, perhaps from the cold.  At home, from as early as I could remember, my family bought and decorated a Christmas tree, and gave gifts to each other and our friends. Usually we put a Star of David on the … Continue reading

How To Handle a Crisis (and How NOT To)

We don’t usually see life in these terms, of course. We see it as an endless parade, and we dream about cruising the Mediterranean with our Retirement Nest egg and how proud our grandkids will make us. We dream of moving up the corporate ladder. We dream of creating the perfect confluence between the Pie In The Sky Constitution guarantees of freedom of speech and call in to talk radio shows when Huckleberry Finn has been banned, yet again… Continue reading

Graphic Details

Sometimes it is a good thing to take a vacation from all that Left-brain analysis. Here’s what the Right Brain has been up to. Continue reading

Pennsylvania Legislators Shoot Down Pigeons—Again

  by WALTER BRASCH     If the first year gross anatomy class at the Penn State Hershey medical school needs spare body parts to study, they can visit the cloak room of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. That’s where most of the legislators left their spines. The House voted 124–69, Dec. 13, to send an animal welfare bill back to committee, in this case the Gaming Oversight Committee. The bill, SB 71, would have banned simulcasting of greyhound races from other states. Pennsylvania had banned greyhound racing in 2004. Among several of the current bill’s amendments were ones that would also have banned the sale of cat and dog meat, increased penalties for releasing exotic animals, and stopped the cruelty of … Continue reading