Susan G Komen Defunds Planned Parenthood

In a move that has instantly infuriated feminists, it was announced today that “Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the nation’s leading breast-cancer charity, will cut off its funding to Planned Parenthood affiliates, where the foundation has traditionally paid for preventive screening services.” Planned Parenthood has been at the center of a lot of heated political battles lately. Most center on whether the group, as an abortion provider, should receive government funds for other services it provides, such as offering contraceptives and preventive screenings. The move by the Komen fund was immediately decried as a cowardly attempt by the Komen fund to bow to conservative pressure. Twitter has been aflutter with the news for a couple of hours now… Tweet … Continue reading

F.T.C. Fines Debt Collector $2.5 Million

In the midst of this economic recession (or depression) the F.T.C. has been cracking down on debt collectors who “harass consumers for money they may not even be legally obligated to pay.” This is good news for consumers who have found themselves for whatever reason unable to pay their debts in this economy. In the second-largest penalty ever levied on a debt collector, the F.T.C. said that Asset Acceptance, one of the nation’s largest debt collection companies, had agreed to pay a $2.5 million civil penalty to settle charges that the company deceived consumers when trying to collect old debts. The F.T.C. has “pursued eight cases related to debt collection companies over the last two years.” The recent settlement with Asset Acceptance “is … Continue reading

Selling the New Nixon: Roving Pavlov Ailes The Nation

And, in its way, that’s what I’ve been leading up to in all of this. The artificial creation of rhetorical bogeymen is a very dangerous tactic. (And, like that GI JOE box, you don’t need an actual action figure. You just need language to tell your voting audience what’s IN the box. Which may not exist at all, or is merely a series of gut language conditionings attached to the “action figure” you’ve created.) Continue reading

Time Wounds All Heels

HBO is airing Miller’s 2003 “The Raw Feed” comedy special, in which he sneers at anybody who doesn’t “KNOW” that Saddam Hussein was in cahoots with Osama bin Laden, who questions that there are weapons of mass destruction, and pooh-poohs the notion that not having an exit plan is any problem. Continue reading

Seriously, This Is Just Too Easy

Somehow, the words “Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice” caused the elite of the Rightie Blogosmear to use their protean command of logick to formulate the logical statement (Low IQ) + (Conservative Beliefs) = Prejudice and instantly turn it inside-out into the strange self-insult (Conservative) = Stupid + Racist.* [* Hint: NEITHER formulation precisely describes the conclusions of the study. Oversimplification generally leads to embarrassment. Wanna-Be Sophists please note.] Continue reading

Ad Buy Highlights Gulf Restoration Bill Support Before Florida Debate, Primary

An environmental organization launched a two-day, $30,000 radio ad blitz in Florida Thursday to highlight congressional, editorial and voter support across the political spectrum for a multi-billion dollar Gulf Coast restoration bill funded by BP oil spill fines. Environmental Defense Action Fund says that it timed the ad buy to Thursday’s GOP presidential candidates debate in Jacksonville, and following primary election in the Sunshine State. Last week, Reuters reported that BP is likely to agree next month to pay $20 billion  to $25 billion to settle all charges around the unprecedented Gulf oil spill — including fines for violating the Clean Water Act (CWA) — before the scheduled start of legal hearings in New Orleans on February 27. “Florida, the … Continue reading

Pollster: SOTU Provides ‘Powerful Framework For Having an Election’

President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night should “help him a lot” in his fight for re-election this year, according to longtime Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, citing results of a focus group of swing voters held during the speech. The themes the president laid out during his annual televised address to a joint session of Congress cut across party lines and provide a “powerful framework for having an election,” Greenberg says in a briefing with reporters held after the president’s speech. Reaction from 50 swing voters in Denver, Colo., show that Obama’s populist defense of the middle class and their priorities in his State of the Union scored with voters, according to Greenberg’s polling organizations, Democracy Corps and … Continue reading

Sanctimonious Hypocrites Can’t Diminish the Warmth for Joe Paterno

Gov. Tom Corbett (R-Pa.) praised Joe Paterno and ordered flags on all state buildings to fly at half-staff for four days. That would be the same Tom Corbett who had said he was “personally disappointed” in Joe Paterno for not doing more to alert authorities in the Jerry Sandusky case, while acknowledging that Paterno did nothing illegal and followed university rules for conduct. That would be the same Tom Corbett who, as attorney general, assigned only one investigator to the case in 2009, while devoting almost innumerable personnel and financial resources to prosecute high-profile cases that could help lead him to the governor’s office. That would be the same Tom Corbett who had the authority to order the arrest of … Continue reading