Jobs Report Puts Pressure On GOP

The federal government’s report that the nation added 200,000 last month only puts fresh pressure on congressional Republicans to do more to help the struggling U.S. economy, and struggling jobless Americans in particular, according to many both in and out of the Obama administration. The Labor Department released employment data … Continue reading

Making Sport of Our Future

  by WALTER BRASCH             One of the fun things sports writers do is try to predict the winners and scores of upcoming games, from high school through the pros. For special “look-at-us-we’re important” bonus points, they create lists of “Top” teams and rank them, both pre-season and weekly. Sports … Continue reading

Another Regulation for Republicans to Hate

He’d gotten it from a puncture wound on his leg from a sharp metal sprue that someone hadn’t ground or sand-blasted away at the metal fabricator’s. He hadn’t even felt the puncture. He’d found the dried blood on his sock and seen that he’d bled, but it had scabbed over and so he just washed away the blood, put some Neosporin and a bandage on it and forgot about it. Continue reading