The Political Bombshell That Shocks A Nation

At first blush, you may find this incredible, even impossible to believe, but, my friends, this “crackpot” story could well shake the political establishment of our nation to its very root touch-ups.

L. Frank Baum, author of a series of beloved children’s books, admittedly snuck certain political and allegorical information into his writings. But other information has been included as well. That is the popular version of certain tales from Baum’s Oz canon. But there is another, chilling level to his tales. One that the Federal Government has recognized since the 1930’s at least, and one which confronts us, perilously, on the front pages of America’s newspapers today.

Wikipedia tells us [emphasisadded]:

The Winkie Country is a division of the fictional Land of Oz. It is distinguished by the color yellow; this color is worn by most of the local inhabitants and predominates in the surroundings.

This was the country ruled by the Wicked Witch of the West before Dorothy “melted” her with a bucket of water in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Since then, the Tin Woodman ruled over the Winkies as their Emperor. The Winkie Country is separated only by the Deadly Desert from the underground Dominions of the Nome King. The most famous depiction of the Winkies is in The Wizard of Oz (1939 film) where they appear as the regimental army of the Wicked Witch of the West, marching in formation and chanting“Yo E Oh, Yo Ho” repeatedly.

In the film, the Winkies bear little or no resemblance to their literary counterparts, dressing in blue uniforms and having green skin and pointed noses. The Winkie Country is only shown at night in the film, with the main colors being blue, black and gray. The scenery is very bleak and barren, with many mountains and rock formations.

Indeed, the Winkie menace was real, as Baum and many Washington insiders realized at the time. While all of the principals have since passed away, out of respect for the families of the departed, I will reveal as few names as possible.

However, it IS now known, through the Freedom of Information Act, and the work of library interns at the American Film Institute in Hollywood, that the Roosevelt Administration felt that the “Winkie Situation” was so imminent that they prevailed upon L.B. Mayer at MGM studios to remake the silent film “The Wizard of Oz,” as a Winkie War seemed impending and inevitable. J. Edgar Hoover called the “Winkie Affair”  “as significant a danger to the health and morality of America and Americanism as the Communists.”[22]

Significantly, however, and as noted, the “green” Winkies were so clearly different from actual YELLOW Winkies that it would seem an unbelievable blunder to make a film INTENDED to psychologically prepare the public for the Winkie Menace with GREEN Winkies!

New documents discovered in the AFI archives now confirm that this was entirely intentional. “The green skin,” Mayer wrote, “will put the Winkies into the same realm of childhood fantasy as the green witch, while very clearly showing the American public what Winkies actually look like.”

Released in 1939, “The Wizard of Oz” produced an Academy Award for “Best Song.”

But phase II, which was to prepare the public for the “over the Rainbow” nature of the Winkie Menace was staged, infamously, by the Mercury Radio Theater under the direction of Orson Welles, in the famous Halloween “prank” that was a national scandal and propelled nearly all of the Mercury Players to long Hollywood careers. I am speaking, of course, of the radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds.

It is no coincidence that both events occurred in the same year.

Now, as most UFO-ologists know, the Winkies allied themselves with the Axis, and, thus, the entire “Winkie Menace” campaign was dropped and resources moved elsewhere to create propaganda posters caricaturing “Nazis and Japs.”

After the end of the war, the few remaining Winkie operatives were very stoutly rebuffed by world governments around the world. And fears of the Winkie menace subsided.

As the years have passed, and other, more modern “UFO” incidents moved through the colon of classified state secrets that the Pentagon excretes regularly, the Winkie menace was all but forgotten.

Now, sadly, the Winkies have infiltrated our government to such a degree that at least one operative is being seen openly in our national media —  absolutely certainly to signal Winkie sleeper agents to “activate.” And, cynically perhaps, sneering that the national news media, chasing old “sex” and “tax returns” scandals, will never realize that the Winkies have already infiltrated the highest levels of American government, and have control of the American Presidency nearly within their grasp.

You heard it here, first.

Happy Year of the Fire Dragon.



[22] There is no actual footnote here. The author just forgot to remove this after sticking it in for no apparent reason, evidently.

[Note: this is a parody. Nothing about this story is true. I am NOT accusing Callista Gingrich of being a Winkie, although I refuse to discount the possibility completely until I can see a full DNA scan of her potentially alien cell structure.]


A writer, published author, novelist, literary critic and political observer for a quarter of a quarter-century more than a quarter-century, Hart Williams has lived in the American West for his entire life. Having grown up in Wyoming, Kansas and New Mexico, a survivor of Texas and a veteran of Hollywood, Mr. Williams currently lives in Oregon, along with an astonishing amount of pollen. He has a lively blog His Vorpal Sword. This is cross-posted from his blog.


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Mr. Williams grew up in Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and New Mexico. He lived in Hollywood, California for many years. He has been published in The Washington Post, The Kansas City Star, The Santa Fe Sun, The Los Angeles Free Press, Oui Magazine, New West, and many, many more. A published novelist and a filmed screenwriter, Mr. Williams eschews the decadence of Hollywood for the simple, wholesome goodness of the plain, honest people of the land. He enjoys Luis Buñuel documentaries immensely.
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