The Phony Horse Race Handicappers and Your Right To Know

Yesterday’s primary “results” have resulted in endless blather about a GOP race that has been, in the end, entirely predictable. Romney rolls on, with little “surprises” here and there, and ZERO discussion of the issues that the USA actually faces. The Republican field has been singularly debating a rhetorical world of their own devising, without bothering to actually offer solutions or a vision for the problem that We the People actually face.

Inside the Kochtopus
Hour One 

Fine for them. Weasels are expected to behave like weasels.

But not so much for the media and their alleged skills and scurrilously imputed “minds.”

Tonight on Countdown with Keith Olbermann — David Schuster substituting — Schuster (and the Countdown staff) revealed that the “Koch Brothers” had dumped $700K into Rick Walker’s anti-recall campaign in Wisconsin.

Then he explained that as a “501(c)3” charity, they couldn’t openly politic for or against a candidate, which was almost right, except that the Americans for Prosperity twin 501(c)4 was actually doing the spending, and is NOT a “charity.”

I’ve explained too many times how the twinned C3 and C4 organizations are used to politic either on your dime or anonymously. Sad that Countdown STILL hasn’t figured out this fundamental distinction. Why?

Because they were too busy jerking off to the “upsets” of Santorum yesterday in three contests that allocate NOT A SINGLE DELEGATE.

Little better than straw polls for the Festival of the Inane that the GOP field is.

But while the “experts” crowed and cogitated and  arrogated, the actual “in the weeds” is jettisoned in favor of endless blather.

You see, all the cable news channels have the need to fill endless hours of space, and how they do that is with “experts” opining endlessly on the non-news of the non-horserace, while the REAL PRESENT AND DANGEROUS news is ignored.

Because it’s just TOO HARD, I guess.

Above and here is hour one of my interview yesterday. I’ve cleaned it up and taken out the commercials. (In the first hour, their phone feed kept dropping me. It pretty much goes away in the second and third hours. Apologies, but there’s nothing that I could do about it.)

And you’ll learn MORE about how the Kochs work than you will from months of the same old electoral blather.

You see, as long as they’re bloviating about the GOP race and all its moronic nuances, they don’t have to cover ACTUAL news.

Friess literally has Santorum’s back

Like the New Republic, who published this (behind their pay firewall) about Foster Friess dated today. (I found a back door, and here’s the whole thing):

Meanwhile, Friess had also been donating hundreds of thousands to conservative causes. In 1994, he helped finance Santorum’s narrow Senate victory, launching him to national prominence. Since 1989, Friess has contributed nearly $1.6 million to Republican campaigns—plus a few other massive donations, including $3 million to help start the conservative website The Daily Caller. Currently, he is considering a six- or seven-figure donation to the conservative Super PAC American Crossroads or its sister organization, Crossroads GPS.

Uh, that brings them right up to date … TO MY 2010 series on Foster Friess, without getting into the Council for National Policy (which was probably the group that met in Texas a few weeks ago and which infamously met in Salt Lake City, with then-Vice President Cheney and Mitt Romney and others addressing the ultra-secret Dominionist group) or the Biggest Foundation You Never Heard Of, which kicked back six figures to Foster’s son for “investment services” as I reported.

The New York Times similarly drops the ball today. No mention WHATSOEVER of his financial backing of The Daily Caller, and Tucker Carlson. (Gee. Might that have been important? Naw.)

I have been RIGHT, folks. I was on Friess two years ago. I was on the Kochs SIX years ago, and time has only proven me correct.

I have FREELY given my work and my research to you, the People, without hiding it behind a firewall for telling you NOTHING.

So: to the media, if you need an expert, here I am. I am available at your convenience.

Hart Williams (l) and Art Kunkin (founder of the
Los Angeles Free Press , taken in 1980) 

To the people, don’t bother with a bunch of jokers who aren’t even up to speed on a two-year old story.

I don’t mean to disparage you, or denigrate the great job you’re doing keeping us informed about stuff that’s literally in our FACES every day, media, when I call you SELF-ENTITLED PRETENTIOUS [expletive deleted] MORONS.

I say it with love.

Here’s Foster Friess:

And …

The Foster Friess Series (all photos are linked and explained there,including Foster and the Ayatollahs, which is in “More Fake Cowboys”):

And this, which is a bit of a summation and addendum:


The public they’re serving isn’t any public that I have seen. Hell, I’d almost ascribe it to evil, save for this Occam’s Razor for Perfidy: Never presume malice where ignorance explains it just as well.



A writer, published author, novelist, literary critic and political observer for a quarter of a quarter-century more than a quarter-century, Hart Williams has lived in the American West for his entire life. Having grown up in Wyoming, Kansas and New Mexico, a survivor of Texas and a veteran of Hollywood, Mr. Williams currently lives in Oregon, along with an astonishing amount of pollen. He has a lively blog His Vorpal Sword. This is cross-posted from his blog.

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2 Responses to The Phony Horse Race Handicappers and Your Right To Know

  1. cee says:

    i am most worried about fall elections being legal and the trickery of the Rep party to cheat the vote. Last nite Rachel Maddow broke the story of Ron Paul legally picking up the delegates of causus states by hand – which he now has for states like IA , MN, etc. I also heard that i believe its detroit wwhere voting right hace been taken away on a huge poor pop in the takeover- supposedly legally- they can take away their rote to vot because of take over. and Gov Walker is using housing settlement money to balance his state books. How can these things be stopped to prevent unfair ballots and unrecorded democratic votes in the Fall? This is serius when they play with the voting

  2. Yes it is. The number of lousy elections in the primaries are a harbinger of things to come.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and this year, we need enough sunlight to cause melanoma.