President Obama Sings Sweet Home Chicago

As I noted here last night, the White House hosted a blues show last night that was being taped for broadcast on PBS, Monday February 27.

At the end of the show, as the stage was filled with rock and blues legends including Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Derek Trucks and wife, Susan Tedeschi, Keb Mo and Buddy Guy.

After introducing the finale, the president went back to his seat next to First Lady, Michelle Obama and soon after, Buddy Guy proceeded to prod President Obama to sing a little of the chorus:


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5 Responses to President Obama Sings Sweet Home Chicago

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  2. Peace says:

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  3. Peace says:

    HR 1540 “Road House Blues” to ya !Let it roll baby roll ….and blast the Doors on Freedom in America and our US Constitution on go Ron Paul !Get in there and repeal this NDAA 2012 and call edit to revise and Hillary Clinton.Call Hillary Clinton and this violates our Freedom and the Bill Of Rights and trashes our US Constitution. % Divisions and the Division D Funding Table paid for by Free American Citizens !When is Obama’s meeting to repeal ? All call for Freedom and all Senators and Congress present please.Ring the Freedom bell and it’s an all call ! What do we need, a stamp or something on our license that says, I’m not a terrorist,never have been and never will be but do believe in the US Constitution and don’t want politicians re-writing it to the point our due process is violated and we can now be arrested by the military.Bad idea and go re-write that part and this isn’t a dictatorship or do we elect kings for president in our country.Think Repeal !

  4. Peace says:

    Fix it Levin,McCain and Obama ! Do not pass the blame on 1031 to the Obama administration and you’re all guilty of the violation of Freedom in America and will be fired from your political position for tearing up our Bill Of Rights and US Constitution.Keep your corrupt politics out of our Freedoms in America and your legal brains and paws off our US Constitution. Revise today and repeal! Hurry up before millions are in the streets to protest and we end up in traffic jams. This is the Home Of The Brave,Land of the Free ! 70’s generation up to bat as Rider’s On This Storm. Sneakie with that language as it relates to an American citizen’s freedom and due process aren’t they ? The Diary of Free Americans fighting the New World Order As It Relates To Political Evil.Repeal HR 1540 ! “Think ….”Most of us have already read Ann Frank.

  5. Peace says:

    She caught the Katy….for freedom and left them a mule to ride ! Ride out on Ron Paul’s HR 3785 of which over turns the 1021 of that dumb violation of a citizens rights in the hound dog with fleas NDAA and the 1031 and 1032 are just old ticks we picked off and burned. Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Leave our Constitution alone please ! Go 3785 ! It’s a blessing to find that ! We may all sing Etta James ,”I’ll Fly Away” …now. HR 3785 Rock and Roll for Freedom and Citizen Rights.No terrorism but protect citizen rights.