Bearded Spock in the Land of the GOPs

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the original episode of the original Star Trek (and I knew a refugee from Tehran who told me how their Pre-Revolution dinners had been disrupted in a battle for years, because her brother wanted to watch Star Trek, which came on at dinnertime in Iran), then be warned that I’m going to give the whole shebang away, and if you read on, you will deprive yourself of the delight of watching it for the first time, without knowing what will happen. T’would spoil it for you. Continue reading

Kerry Blasts Romney on Iran

Kerry swipes Romney again today over Iran foreign policy… I have little interest in inserting myself, as a former nominee of my party, into this presidential campaign season. But as the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which has a vital role in issues of national security, I feel … Continue reading

Romney’s The Richest Candidate Since Perot — And Why That Could Be A Problem

Mitt Romney’s the richest presidential candidate since billionaire Ross Perot 20 years ago, but that only tells part of the story of why the Republican’s personal wealth could be a huge liability if he becomes the GOP nominee, according to a new analysis of the former Massachusetts governor’s personal assets. … Continue reading

Are Women People?

Jessica Winter debates in TIME Ideas: Are Women People? Winter says, “in the past couple of months, certain powerful figures in media and politics have cracked open that certitude,” that “women are fully autonomous human citizens—who vote, even.” I can fully understand the questions Winter is posing given the recent increase … Continue reading