Progressive Groups Target Obama With Web Ads On Foreclosure Crisis

Anti-foreclosure and bank-accountability organizations on the left say they launched an Internet advertising campaign Thursday to pressure President Obama to hold Wall Street accountable for the foreclosure crisis and require big banks to pay back underwater homeowners through large-scale principal reduction. The campaign includes $20,000 in Google and Facebook ads in six swing states key to Obama’s re-election in November: Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The ads drive viewers to post a message on the Facebook pages of state Obama campaign offices that says: “President Obama: I am a voter. I want Wall Street criminals held accountable and I want the big banks to pay us back. Do what’s right for Americans!” The groups, the Campaign for … Continue reading

DNC Chair: Romney Wins GOP Nod Only ‘After Six Years of Trying, Millions of Dollars Spent’

Mitt Romney may have formally won the Republican nomination for president Tuesday night, but there wasn’t much to celebrate, according to the head of the Democratic Party. His win in the Texas primary finally, as expected, gave the former Massachusetts governor enough delegates to formally secure the GOP nomination to take on President Obama in November. However, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was quick to remind folks that Romney’s victory didn’t come without a price. “Tonight, after six years of trying and millions of dollars spent, and after a year of tepid support against one of the weakest fields in history, Mitt Romney has finally secured enough delegates to become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee,” she says in a statement released … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Knowledge is power, a saying 500 years old, but knowledge is power today as never before, not only here in the United States, but the future of the free world depends in the final analysis upon the United States and upon our willingness to reach those decisions on these complicated matters which face us with courage and clarity. Continue reading

Memorial Day 2012: A Lesson Not Yet Learned

by WALTER BRASCH   Today is Memorial Day, the last day of the three-day weekend. Veterans and community groups will remember those who died in battle and, as they have done for more than a century, will place small flags on graves. But, for most of America, Memorial Day is a three-day picnic-filled weekend that heralds the start of Summer, just as Labor Day has become a three-day picnic-filled weekend that laments the end of Summer.  There will be memorial concerts and parades. The media, shoving aside political and celebrity news, will all have stories. Among those who will be the first to patriotically salute those who died in battle are those who enthusiastically pushed for them to go to … Continue reading

The GOP ‘War On Women’ Isn’t Over, Reid Reminds Voters

With a new poll may may have women once again moving toward Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the Senate’s Democratic majority leader is reminding female voters that the GOP hasn’t ended its “war on women.” Although President Obama had opened up a huge 19-point advantage among women just weeks ago in the midst of the debates over birth control and other women’s issues, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that gap has shrunk to just 7 percent. The “war on women” has been a potent rallying cry to attract more women voters to the Democratic side. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada took to the Senate floor Wednesday to remind voters about the earlier Republican battles against women’s health care … Continue reading

On Gay Marriage, Obama Talks The Talk — His Administration Walks The Walk

Although it thrilled progressives and other supporters of marriage equality — and maybe even changed a few minds on the issue — President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage earlier this month didn’t, in-and-of-itself, change any policy. Obama’s words don’t allow any new same-sex unions which had previously been outlawed, or even alleviate any discrimination against those already married. But that’s just what some largely anonymous officials at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) were able to accomplish Tuesday for a lesbian couple legally wed in Vermont. Agency officials had previously denied Japanese-born Takako Ueda a spousal permanent resident card – also known as a green card – because, under the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), her nuptials to an American citizen, Frances Herbert, are … Continue reading

Take Back Congress: A Winning Strategy

This will be a national race, run from central command and control, using stealth cash. All well and good to wonder how the Obama campaign can fare against the hidden Sith Lords. But what about poor Congresswoman Jane Doe, Anytown U.S.A.? How does SHE compete against the Rovian Hand and near-infinite supplies of cash? Continue reading