Don’t Think of an Elephant

The media followed the avowedly non-story stories yesterday and today, strung together by their gills as surely as any bunch of rainbow trout. And, dutifully, they bunked and debunked the same old tired stories. Consider what’s come up in the past week, and then consider Albert Einstein’s old definition of insanity: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So: Are the Republicans crazy? Perhaps. But then again, perhaps not at all. Madness, Day Two:

TPMMuckraker  —  Arizona Goes Birther: Secretary Of State Says It’s ‘Possible’ Obama Won’t Be On Ballot  —  The man in charge of running Arizona’s elections has gone to the birthers.  Secretary of State Ken Bennett now says he’s not convinced Barack Obama was really born in the United States …

They resurrected the old “Obama is a CELEBRITY!” meme last week (Ronald Reagan was a Movie Star, but I guess that’s different). They resurrected the “Birther” controversy yesterday. And the Reverend Wright controversy, but in a particularly telling manner. Weirdest damned thing. All day yesterday, the GOPs pushed the Breitbartian meme (Obama born in KENYA!) while pooh-poohing it at the SAME TIME. Same thing with Reverend Wright (as throughly libeled a Black minister as has been seen since Dr. King) as everyone screamed WRIGHT IS OUT OF BOUNDS!

(Oh, and the Obama campaign is engaged in “character assassination” and Willard (not the rat guy) wants a “civil” debate about the issues, perhaps the most lunatic reversal/projection of reality since Baghdad Bob paused in his denial of any American troop advances towards Baghdad, so that the sound of the tank shells exploding wouldn’t overwhelm his sound bite.

A character that wasn’t assassinated 

When your *entire political history* since Joe McCarthy is based on mindless hate of the “Other” (Commies, hippies, Ay-rabs, Al Qaeda, Democrats, then Liberals, now “Leftists” – a term formerly interchangeable with Commies, as in “Leftist Guerillas”) sooner or later the only one left to hate is your own citizens. We have reached that point. Like I say: we burned Atlanta once. We can do it again. (And don’t be fooled by the team jerseys, the “old South” is now the strongest “Red” voting bloc in the USA.)

Ann Coulter genuflects at Joe McCarthy’s grave

If we keep our gaze fixed on their dog and pony show, they’ll steal every available legislature, governorship, congressional and senate race. Obama will defeat the lame Mittster, and they’ll cry all the way to the bank. And then it’ll pretty much be kabuki theater thereafter, as our hand slipped from the levers of power because they greased ’em. Yeah. I think there’s too scary a chance that they’ll win to go back to sleep with Dancing With the Stars, the Kardassians and other bread and circuses.

That’s the whole point. It is when Proteus is trapped that he becomes most dangerous.

Thus, Morphing Mitt.

There IS no rational reason to vote for the Republicans. Seriously:

So, they HAVE to rely on conditioning and reptile brain arguments.

When Upton Sinclair wrote that seminal muckraking novel The Jungle, published in 1906, he later reflected on its national impact thusly:

“I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.”

And woe betide any “smart” Democrat/Liberal/Leftist/Socialist who keeps making the same old mistake of thinking that this election has ANYthing to do with the heart … or the head.

It’s the gut, and unless progressives address that, they are surely sunk. And it is NOT by accident. And it shows the Rovian hand: the viciously racist attack on Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts, which grows more absurd by the day, the absurdist revanching of the “birther” ploy, the “reverse racist” Jeremiah Wright meme (because, you know, the whole history of America is rife with Black racism against Whites from the South), the “Celebrity” meme (and the implication that all celebrities are, like Ronald Reagan, clueless ditherers who commit treason to obtain office), and all the other lunacy that can hit the stomach, bypassing the head, reinforcing Pavlovian themes (and not political memes).

And the pundits, in pointing out the absurdity of the latest lunacy only HELP to reinforce it, by taking it intellectually seriously without ever addressing the REAL appeal of the unreal: to steal the deal and make us squeal.

My friends, it ends. Else …

And Thurston Howell IV and his yawping Band of Hatemeisters rule an age of darkness, poverty and disease.


Don’t think of an elephant.

Ganesh with invisible Sarod

An elephant.

An elephant.



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