Obama To Win On ‘Charisma,’ Right-Wing Author Says

President Obama will be re-elected this year simply because he’s more likeable than rival Mitt Romney.

That’s the thesis behind author Mark Edward Taylor’s new Amazon Kindle e-book, Charisma: Why Obama Will Beat Romney.

 The 2012 presidential campaign will come down to which candidate has more charisma with swing voters — giving Obama the edge he needs over the Republican challenger, Taylor says. “Voters who pick a candidate just before the election usually decide on the basis of likability, not issues,” he says.
Taylor isn’t exactly a fan of Obama. He’s known for his previous tome, Branding Obamessiah: The Rise of an American Idol, which features a foreward by noted consersative columnist Cal Thomas and doesn’t paint a particularly flattering portrait of the 44th president.
A visit to Taylor’s blog finds him to be a fixture of the right-wing media. His short blogroll reads like a who’s who of popular conservative websites like Newsbusters and Townhall.com.
His stance as not a friend of Obama’s may give his electoral forecast more, not less, weight, however, in the sense he’s obviously not cheerleading for the president. Democrats, however, would argue Obama deserves a second term on substance, not just style. They point to everything from his efforts to revive the U.S. economy to his order that led to the death of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.
Like many on the right, Taylor isn’t terribly impressed by Romney, either.
He simply sees the election in terms of marketing, and finds Obama’s to be superior to that of the former Massachusetts governor.
“The race is coming down to dueling lackluster brands,” says Taylor. Obama adviser “David Axelrod and company are resurrecting Obama as the compassionate community organizer. Hence all of Obama’s talk about economic fairness and his public support for gay marriage,” he adds.

“Romney’s campaign is branding him as a kind of missionary CEO who has been called to revive the economy,” explains Taylor. “But Romney personally doesn’t have the charisma to play the part. He’s too wooden, too seemingly artificial.” Taylor adds, “Romney doesn’t even come across as believing fully in himself.”

Taylor claims that Obama has a “poor economic record,” but argues that in spite of this, the Democratic president has the advantage of residual brand appeal from 2008.

“All Obama has to do is revive enough of his charismatic brand appeal with swing voters in the days leading up to the election,” says Taylor. “If he does that successfully, just about everything else that happens between now and November will be irrelevant.”

Taylor says that Romney’s only chance for victory is to overcome his uninspiring rhetorical style.

“He’s got to stop stammering, speak more slowly and confidently, proclaim more regally what he actually believes, and imagine himself as president rather than someone’s kindly uncle who gets embarrassed when he says anything bad about anyone.”


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One Response to Obama To Win On ‘Charisma,’ Right-Wing Author Says

  1. Spencer says:

    This just might be the most logical assessment I’ve read to date. He seems to be right in everything he says thus far, only time will tell.