Psy-Ops Manipulation in Real Time

The psy-ops of this campaign has kicked into its final, payoff phase.

a prayer for Wisconsin

Take a look at Memeorandum the day before the Wisconsin recall election.

All day a “poll” has Walker ahead by three points. “Intrade” betting says Walker has a 93% chance of winning.

June 4, 2012
Intrade Has Walker’s Chances over 90%; NY Times in Panic Mode
Walter Russell Mead Via Meadia 

Even The New York Times has thrown in the towel on the Wisconsin recall.

With an Intrade poll citing Walker’s chances of winning the Wisconsin recall at more than 93%, The New York Times is entering into full-blown panic mode over what this election could mean for Obama’s chances this November:

And it is all bullsquash. It is speculation raised to the point of “fact” specifically to buoy Walker voters and depress Anti-Walker voters.

As journalism: only a fool reports the results of an election before the election, as Thomas Dewey and his staff, who had purchased D.C. homes, found out in November of 1948.

This was the paradigm used for the 2010 phony “tea party” psy-ops campaign: constant conditioning about a “landslide,” then proven true by events, but NOT AT ALL TRUE before the election.*

[* See “The Crushing Defeat of November 2010,” 4 September 2010]

Let’s see if it works. But you will note very little positive “spin” and an entire self-fulfilling prophecy to the intentional spin.

Tomorrow will be a watershed, either way. We have, with this election, finally and explicitly thrown down the firewall of “local” elections and turned it all into a national game of chess between the shadowy money forces and the national if disjointed opposition.

(If you will look at the forwarded Tea Party Express email from Saturday, “Secret ‘Tea Party’ Money Slushing in Wisconsin,” you might notice that there is not ONE SINGLE contributor FROM Wisconsin listed!**)

[** There are two:  John and Patrick of Peewaukee, Wisconsin. But you take my point.]

Little noted nor much remembered is the right of the People of Wisconsin to choose their own representatives, and not be sold an out-of-state, out of sight agenda sold with the slickest techniques that Madison Avenue advertising, Hollywood film production and Pavlovian conditioning can muster.

Let’s see what the “facts” are tomorrow night, shall we? And, to the people of Wisconsin, this is your election and your state. I hope you choose wisely and well. And you will inspire one side or the other nationally, in either case.



I suppose it’s almost always idiotic to call an election before it’s held. But you might want to take a look at “,” 17 NOVEMBER 2008, ANYway.

And, to capture the sheer exuberance of the carpet-chewing madness, click here and take a look at this headline and its brethen and cistern headlines. From something called “The Washington Free Beacon,” so you KNOW it has to be credible … or in-:

Washington Free Beacon:

Ringers Flood Wisconsin

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff – 

New York union members are campaigning for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Democratic challenger Tom Barrett in Milwaukee, the New York Post reports.

Fearing their own bargaining rights could be stripped away, members of New York’s powerful unions piled onto planes to Wisconsin in an effort to topple GOP Gov. Scott Walker in tomorrow’s recall election…

That’s gotta take some kind of award for sheer chutzpah. Brass. Brazenness. Quid pro quo-hones. The National GOP has been parading their celebrity governors and Faux Faces into Wisconsin like child actors at an open movie casting call. And Walker’s been traveling the nation raising funds and playing the New York media outlets (if you can call a vomitous rag like the New York Post “media” ).

But NOW, they’re concerned with “out of staters”????!!?

click on banner below for this week’s AFP Bus itinerary

You mean like the Kansas and New York City Kochs? THOSE “out of staters”?

(And, of course, implicitly “union thugs” — like, you know, nurses and school teachers. Because nurses and teachers and firefighters don’t have any right to collective bargaining in Wisconsin, but other states’ nurses and teachers are out of bounds, whereas no millionaire or conservative celebrity is. )

I mean, a Washington newspaper, cribbing from an international Murdoch empire paper out of New York, is worried about how the poor Wisconsinites might feel about the out of state theft of their election? That the Koch and Tea buses have been touring the state non-stop, from Chicago and Sacramento, but union members flying to Wisconsin to physically help with the get out the vote effort is …

Out of bounds?


Them’s some kind of logicks and ethics and honesty you guys got there. Yessirree.

Oh, and by the by, “ringers” are doubles, substitutes, usually, say, a pro player paid to be incognito in an amateur match. Surely the Washington Beacon and New York Post don’t believe the “ringers” are there to substitute vote. But they’re happy to imply it.


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