Ray Bradbury dead at 91; SF still misunderstood

Bradbury was many things, but he did NOT transform science fiction, nor did he change it from a tacky cheapjack form with borderline pornographic covered paperbacks and pulp magazines into something literary and respectable. Continue reading

Obama Campaign Fundraises Off Wisconsin Loss

Just days after President Obama took heat for limiting his involvement in the Wisconsin recall election to a single tweet, his re-election campaign is using the Democrats’ loss there as a fundraising tool. In an email to supporters Wednesday afternoon, campaign manager Jim Messina repeated a what has become a … Continue reading

Disappointed Recall Backers: We Sent ‘A Message to Scott Walker’

Clearly dismayed by their failure to oust Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Democrats and labor officials say they nevertheless can claim some solace in the belief that even in victory, Tuesday’s recall election should serve as something of a warning for Gov. Scott Walker. Walker beat back the historic effort to throw him out … Continue reading