Obama Campaign Fundraises Off Wisconsin Loss

After limiting his campaign involvement on behalf of Wisconsin Democrat Tom Barrett to a single tweet, President Obama's campaign is using the Wisconsin recall as a means of fundraising.

Just days after President Obama took heat for limiting his involvement in the Wisconsin recall election to a single tweet, his re-election campaign is using the Democrats’ loss there as a fundraising tool.

In an email to supporters Wednesday afternoon, campaign manager Jim Messina repeated a what has become a familiar storyline coming out of Gov. Scott Walker’s successful effort to escape recall: the fact that he and his allies outspent Democrats and organized labor on a nearly 8-1 ratio.

“What happened in Wisconsin is straight out of Mitt Romney’s playbook: In primary after primary against Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, he and his backers poured millions into negative ads until they got the result they wanted,” Messina says of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. “Last night, that same strategy swung the recall election for Walker.

“Now, imagine this same scenario playing out again in Wisconsin in November, and in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, and the rest of the battleground states,” Messina adds. “Outside groups have already poured $75 million into ads attacking the President in key states like these — and they’ve pledged to spend an unprecedented $1 billion.”

Although former president Bill Clinton ventured to the Badger State in the days leading up to the failed recall in an effort to motivate Democrats to get out and vote, Obama not once chose to visit Wisconsin during the campaign against Walker.

In his email, Messina urges supporters to donate at least $3 to the Obama campaign.

“The other side has the money. They know they can swing the election if they spend it,” Messina says. “And they are being told every day by Mitt Romney that he will do exactly what they want him to. What are you going to do about it?”

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